Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am A Big Fan

I am a big fan of my husband. There are lots of reasons why. I was just thinking of some of them.

I am a big fan of a man who has been working so much, and realizes that he does not want to be that man who is ALWAYS working. I didn't have to tell him that. He doesn't like to miss out on his family. That's pretty cool.

I am a big fan of a man who would take his daughter's car to help her financially, but then give it back to her when she needed it back. He never complained and was glad to help her.

I am a big fan of a man who teases said daughter so much, but loves it because he loves her so much. (Hi Ashleigh!)

I am a big fan of a man whose family is so important that he started a business that he knew very little about so that he could employ his family members. He jumped in with both feet and learned everything about that business and as I would listen to him talk, I was amazed. Even I couldn't tell that just a short time before going into that business, this stuff had been foreign to him.

I am a big fan of a man who wins a trip for two in a contest. I sat and listened to our kids try to figure out which of them he would take. They did consider that their Dad might take me for a moment, but then for various reasons, each one explained why he would probably pick them. That is pretty cool to always think you are the favorite.

I am a big fan of a man who calls his wife to see when she is getting to church so he can make sure he comes out and helps get the wheelchair out of the truck.

Frankly, I am a big fan of a man who has loved me for the last (almost) 26 years.


Michelle said...

What a nice post! Honestly, I was going to post something similar in the near future, but I guess you were supposed to go first!

Have a good day!

Miss Melanie said...


Maybe someday God will bless me with a godly husband and I'll be able to post my own list! I'm so happy for you to have such a wonderful husband.

Martha said...

You have always been a big fan of that big man, and always made it known too. He's a lucky guy!

Kim said...

That was very sweet!