Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Sarah Palin Thoughts (Getting really real)

I really like Sarah Palin. I have enjoyed hearing about her and I agree with much of what she has to say. She seems strong, she seems loving and is very personable. I can not help but ponder some situations in her life right now that must feel quite overwhelming. (The nomination aside) Sarah is in the middle of three rather huge, life-changing times. I guess maybe I have been thinking so much about this, because when I have been in these three situations, it nearly took the breathe out of my lungs. I have dealt with these situations one at a time, she is in the midst of all three together and she is campaigning. Wow.

First off, SP is getting ready to say goodbye to her son as he heads off to Iraq. I can not say that I ever sent anyone to war, but I did say goodbye to my husband for 6 months at a time. Even without the war aspect, it took a huge amount of energy and time to keep up with my husband (write letters, send packages, pray). This is a huge event in the life of a family.

SP is also dealing with a huge diagnosis of her baby boy. I know that she knew about the diagnosis before his birth, but still...... it's HUGE!!! There are feelings to deal with, there are questions from people, there are initial doctor appointments, there are therapy appointments. All of these things are so burdensome, especially in the beginning when you are trying to deal with the diagnosis and your dreams of what life is supposed to be like. I remember the first year after Davin's diagnosis and I really can't put into words the amount of times that I felt crushed. It's huge and it changes many things. It is one thing to accept the diagnosis, but that is really just the beginning.

SP is also dealing with her daughter who is 17 years old and pregnant and I have heard is planning to marry her boyfriend. I have never been a mother of a pregnant daughter, but I have been the 17 year-old pregnant teen and have married my boyfriend. I can not tell you the amount of energy this crisis took. I do not know how much energy it took for my mom, but I can imagine it was a great deal. There are so many things to think through, there is the space distance. Will her daughter be far away and really need that advice from her Mom? It's such a difficult time.

As I have thought about these things in her life and how much she does represent normal life and difficult things that women go through, I can not stop and think that that is a lot on any person's plate. And then, what if you are asked to run for vice president of the United States?????? Oh my goodness.


Miss Melanie said...

All the things you mentioned have been noted in articles about whether SP can handle the job. And it's true, maybe the question wouldn't be asked if SP were a man.

I have concerns about both tickets, and it will take prayer to make the right decision. I've never been a single issue voter. Sometimes I can't choose the best candidate, but the least worst. And have confidence that God will work it all out for good.

Christine said...

Heather thank you for taking the time to share about your own personal story. I didn't know about number one and three. You marrying and having a baby at such a young age is someting I would love to hear more about. What a story and look at you now. I too am a SP supporter and I love how her and McCain with the adoption of their daughter and him being a POW bring such realness to the election. They are like all of us in so many ways and yet they continue to press on and not let these things drag them down.

Martha said...

Heather, you have always had a keen sense of what others are going through and what they must be feeling. Both you and I know that a teenage pregnancy and marriage is not the end of the world, but often a new beginning, and what beautiful children we have! I have never sent anyone to war or even into the military. I can only imagine how hard it must be. (Okay, James did consider going into the army at one point in time. He even went as far as getting the physical. It tied my stomach in knots.) And, I have never had a child with physical or mental disabilities. SP is an impressive woman and she must be married to a man with a heart of gold.

Heather said...

Christine, you didn't know because I do not usually "keep it real" on my blog. I love that you do, but I am still pretty superficial in my blogging. I just can't decide how much to share. I had to think for two days before I decided to write this one. It was really weighing heavily on my heart. I do love the way both McCain and Palin have such real life things, but SP just has sooo very much at once. I think back to going through those things and they each by themselves literally knocked me on my butt!!

Martha, you are so right. It was definitely just the beginning of a wonderful life. I wouldn't trade it for all the world. We just know how difficult the beginning can be when it is such a difficult trial. Many prayers for the Palin family.

Rachel said...

I really like Sarah Palin. Yes, she is going through some difficult things, and she seems to handle it all so well. She is definitely impressive!

As far as being able to relate to a diagnosis for her child, I can remember sobbing as I was told by a nurse (over the phone) from Genesee Hospital (where Steven was evaluated for a learning disability)that he may have a mild autism. I sobbed because I didn't know what that meant for him and I loved him so much. I have a brother who was labeled autistic so I was familiar with the term, although I knew they were very different from each other. It is very difficult being told that your child isn't "perfect"...whatever that is, and that they will have more challenges than most.

Kelli said...

I think she can handle it esp with a SAHD/husband. I think alot of what we go through depends on who we have to help us through it. I was pregant and unmarried at 20 (thats not 17) but got married ect, I was in heaven (until a couple years down the road when two babies had heart surgery and hubby had a girlfriend at the same time) so I had to go through all that without a mate. I did it and it made me stronger. How wonderful it would have been to have a husband at your side to face medical issues with your children. on a side note, I am grateful for my husband now (different husband) of 7 years. anyway, I think Sarah has alot on her plate but I think she is doing great and keeps it more real. How much of a mother was Hillary to her daughter without problems or whats her name in the senate. They seem more like working women instead of real women/mothers/wifes. I love SP!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for this post and for sharing a bit of your life. It was hard for me to share my life on my blog (as you saw what I wrote and I THANK YOU for your encouraging words). I ended up deleting those 2 long posts for several reasons. It is nice to hear that you understand.

Nicole said...

She is amazing, that is for sure. I certainly would have crawled in bed and locked the door when McCain came knocking. LOL

She interviewed so well last night. Unfortunately I was up way too late and watched it. But I look forward to seeing more of the interview today.

Angie said...

I appreciate you sharing your real thoughts. I have had the same concerns about her. She truly is an amazing woman, but I am conflicted for all the exact reasons.

What you shared about yourself made me appreciate you all the more.