Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bye Bye Bunk Beds

We have had at least one set of bunk beds in our home for at least 22 years. A short while ago, I decided that one change that we could easily make in our house and would hopefully help my back a little was to get rid of the last set of bunk beds. Davin had been sleeping on the bottom bunk of the set that he shared with Cheney for many years.

Last weekend, we cleaned and sorted and moved things around. Davin is now the proud owner of a slightly used full bed. (Previously, it was Mom Mom and Pop Pop's, Ashleigh's, Bethany's, and then Cheney's) He was pretty excited to be up higher and be able to see out of his window now. I am also thinking that he may be expecting Cheney to sleep there from now on with him, too since it was most recently Cheney's bed:-)

Today I am waiting for a futon to be delivered for Cheney's room. His room is teeny tiny and I was trying to come up with a good solution that would be comfortable for him, but also allow me to use his room a little bit for other things (scrapbooking:-) when he is at college. We are hoping the futon will fit in the room and Cheney will come home to a place to sleep when he gets back from Ohio tomorrow!


Martha said...

Good idea. We slept on a futon in our old house from the time Hannah was about two years old until a few years after we moved here. I loved it.

We have also said goodbye to all our bunk beds. Making a single bed is so much easier, though Ben and Hannah don't seem to very good at it. :P

Martha said...

PS. I hope you bought a decent futon mattress. It makes all the difference in the world.

Heather said...

Yes, Martha. That is what I was concerned about. It is for him to sleep on for extended periods of time and I want it to be comfortable. It seems like it will be.

Melanie L said...

How exciting!!! I hope I can check out the new set-up soon. I'm sure Davin will really like being able to look out the window!

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