Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missing Him

I am missing my Alan this week. Although we have spent lots and lots of days/weeks/months apart, sometimes I just miss him more. This is one of those times. He left early Monday morning and doesn't come home until late next Tuesday evening. All of our kids were here tonight for dinner and it made me sad he wasn't here. He loves when we are all together. Cheney's girlfriend Renee has been here this week visiting and he is missing that, too.

I am so thankful that he does what he needs to do to provide for us. Most of the time, I am okay with being here without him. Just not this week.


Martha said...

It is good that you miss him, because that says he is loved.

Is Alan growing a beard again or is this and old photo?

Melanie L said...

And the best part... he IS coming home. To YOU!

So have you heard from the Chinese character commenter yet? That cracks me up.

Tina said...

it's a good sign when after all these years you still miss him =)

Love this picture of you two

Heather said...

Martha, I think this picture was from Christmas and he just hadn't shaved in a while.

Melanie, I can not stop that spam no matter what!!

Thank you Tina!!

Melanie L said...

I think you can change your comments settings so that they are moderated - you have to approve them before they appear.

You are the only one who comments on my blog so I don't have to worry about it!

楊儀卉 said...
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