Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (My Sissy)

I decided to do a Thursday Thirteen today in honor of my sister. She just celebrated her 19th wedding anniversary and that is a pretty big deal:-) She is my only sibling and just happens to be the one I would choose if I got to pick. Here are 13 things about my sister, Jenny:

1. She was always called Jenny growing up, but now most of us call her Jen.

2. She is a nurse and has just accepted a job as a school nurse. I have mixed feelings about this;-)

3. She has three adorable children...Taylor, Trey and Jonah.

4. Jen is 18 months younger than me.

5. She grew taller than me.

6. Jen is the person I call to ask advice.

7. She is probably the most easy-going person I have ever known.

8. She deals very well with a sister who is a little more high-strung:-)

9. Jen's husband served in Iraq for a year. It was a very difficult year, but she handled it in an amazing way, just like she does every challenge.

10. She loves Jesus.

11. She makes me laugh all the time. We have lots of sister jokes that no one else finds that funny. That makes them even funnier to us!

12. I may have traumatized her during our childhood. For that, I am sorry. Really, I am:-)

13. She is perhaps the most reliable person I know. I can always count on her to listen to me, help me, or support me in any way that she can. She is the best and I am so blessed to call her my sister and my friend.


Melanie L said...

Jen is great, I agree. I don't get to see her too often, but I'm always glad to see her. I envy the close relationship you two have. It's very special.

Martha said...

There is nothing like a sister! I'm so glad I have mine. They are both so different and yet wonderful at the same time.

Jen is blessed to have a sister like you.

Anonymous said...
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Martha said...

(You'll need to delete that last Chinese spam comment...

Tina said...

sisters are indeed a blessing, my sweet Lindly is missing out on that but she and I were discussing family the other day. We were talking about how your siblings are the only people you truly share your whole life with ... friends come and go, parents pass away ... spouses aren't usually there for the early years
but your siblings .... yes friends for life!

maybe someday Lindly will be close with a sister in law ... with three brothers surely ONE of them will come through lol

Heather said...

Tina, you are right! Ling Ling needs a sister, too, and hopefully one of the boys will help her out with that:-)

Anonymous said...
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