Monday, July 26, 2010

How Tricky It Can Be

I have grown very accustomed to having a child who is non-verbal. It does not often cause a problem really. I hardly think of him as being non-verbal. He is so much a part of everything and he is constantly communicating although not with words.

When Davin becomes sick or has something bothering him, things become a bit more difficult. I have been doing this for over 17 years, so I can read him pretty well and up until now have not had him into the doctor's office needlessly very often. So, when I notice something seems "different", I watch. I watch and watch and then at times, I begin to panic. Yup, I panic. I know it is hard to believe, but it does occasionally happen. I think God has given me that line where I cross over to being concerned and he uses that to keep Davin safe. I have to go with my gut since Davin doesn't have words.

Last night, I got concerned and it ended with a trip to the emergency room. In the end, the problem is not huge and Davin will be fine. The doctor and nurse were so compassionate. Poor Davin was nervous as could be. All that happened following his hip surgery in 2007 certainly has affected how he feels in a hospital setting.


Bethany said...

Oh dear, glad he is okay. You all do so well and are so in tune with how he communicates. It is such a blessing.

(And I was not calling you boring!)

Melanie L said...

I'm glad he is ok. I hope he is smiling again.

Kelli said...

a mothers job is never done, esp with special needs. I dont know about you but sometimes, I'm tired and Kyler is alot better off then Davin, so I feel for you. Hang in there. ER's can take so long, hope all is well

Anonymous said...
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