Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Next Best Thing

I think the next best thing to having my girls here is to spend time with Bethany Ann.  Some of you may recognize her:-)  Bethany and her son Josh came over for dinner tonight.  I made Josh some cookies special for him and sent him a bag full to take home and share with his Daddy.

Josh had a great time checking out Davin's wheelchair and playing with Buzz Lightyear.  Alan, Davin and Josh wrestled for a while, but Josh did not care for it when Alan was winning.  They tried thumb wrestling and that went a bit better.  Come again Josh and I will have the cookies ready for you!!  (You, too, Bethany Ann:-)


Bethany said...

That picture is just a riot! Thanks for having us over, even if we were Adam-less. It was nice to FINALLY see you again!

Martha said...

We thought about crashing your party, but by the time I mentioned it to Pam we were back to the Top's parking lot and it was almost 9:30 pm.

Cute visitors there. :)

Heather said...

Bethany, I am just sorry that Adam missed out on all of our fun!!

Martha, you should have crashed our party, but it was indeed over by 9:30:-) How was your walk??

Martha said...

Three times around the ponds and my legs aren't near as tired or achy as the first times we walked. Guess that means I'm improving if ever so slowly.

Martha said...

The picture of Alan and Josh is making me smile. :)

Heather said...

Martha, that is progress and progress is good:-) I feel like I have been working so hard for so many months now and it is sloooooowwww going.

That picture makes me smile, too. Pretty cute:-)