Wednesday, June 29, 2011

That R Word

I know I used to use it.  I know I am extra sensitive about how harsh it sounds now.  I read a lot of comments on facebook that use the word retarded and I cringe.  Somehow it hurts me to read it, to hear it.  I have heard my kids say it.  I read a lot of posts on facebook that use that word in their status updates.  Sometimes I want to respond, but I usually don't...until the other day.

A couple of days ago, a teenager that I know used it.  He was comparing something that he didn't think was very good to someone who was retarded.  I thought and decided to write something.  I simply said that the item he was talking about must be amazing and wonderful.  He got it.

Very shortly after I left the comment, the post was totally deleted and I had a sweet message in my inbox.  He said he was very sorry for insulting me and Davin and that he was glad I had said something and that it helped him to grow.  What a sweet boy.  He would NEVER have hurt Davin on purpose.  Never.  I told him that I knew that. 

So, maybe that is how we make a person at a time:-)


Martha said...

That word was stricken from my vocabulary as a child. My mother wouldn't have us say it. It was as bad a a swear word.

Christine said...

You inspire me!

Heather said...

Martha, you Mom is a smart lady:-)

Martha said...

The "I" word was just as bad. We weren't allowed to say that one either.

Heather said...

Agreed Martha!