Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Least Favorite

Davin has a doctor appointment tomorrow with my least favorite kind of doctor.....the neurologist.  Apparently the MRI that he had done in April came back with a lot of abnormalities, etc (which is weird since when he had his first one done, I think the doctor said it was "normal" whatever that meant).  He had not had one done since he was an infant, so we do not know if things look differently or not.  It is not an appointment that I am looking forward to, but I also have peace.  Oh, how these neurologists can rock my world.  If you would pray for me tomorrow, I would appreciate it.  My biggest concern is that I will have wisdom as to if Davin needs to leave the room when the doctor is talking.  There is no reason for Davin to feel badly about himself and I need discernment for the right time, if any, to let my sister take him out with her.  I have peace, but I sure will be glad when it is over. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
Just reading the word "abnormalities" makes me feel like Davin should not be listening. I know what you mean about Neurologists. Larry & I saw our share, & they all had a different view of things. I will be praying for your day tomorrow...you'll do fine...deeeeep breaths!! :-)
Love you,