Friday, July 08, 2011

When you go to school in the summer, you need to cram a lot of fun into a couple of weeks of summer!!  So, we have been busy doing some fun things with Davin.  In the picture above, Davin is moving a can up a belt to feed a goat that was just waiting and waiting for some food.  Davin is not unhappy here although it does look like he is. 

We went out for dinner to Sticky Lips and enjoyed our boys. 

We picked cherries with our friends that Daddy and big brother later got to enjoy:-) 

Davin pumped water.

It has been so nice to have Davin home for a couple of weeks.  He is enjoying sleeping in and having some lazy days in addition to our busy, fun-filled days!  Tomorrow, we are off to Corning for a visit to the glass museum and Norman Rockwell Museum.  Don't you just love summer?


debi9kids said...

I hear you on that! Will just started school for the summer, so we packed as much as we could into the month of June...

Looks like you've been having a lot of fun :)

Martha said...

I do love summer! So far it's been a busy one, out of control busy! Maybe one day I'll get to do all that walking I planned on... maybe... Well, it could happen.