Monday, July 11, 2011

Would I?

I live in the world of "different". I live in the world of "doing things another way". I live in the world of "disabilities". I didn't choose to live in this world, though. (and of course, you know I went kicking and screaming as is my usual course:-)

Today I was pondering how I got here versus how many other families get here. I read a lot of blogs about adoptions. There are so many families that choose to live in the world of "different". Would I? If God had not chosen this path for me, would I have been able to choose it for myself?

I am very thankful for the view from here...this world that is slightly different. The perspective is different from here and I am so blessed to be able to see it.

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Martha said...

I am fairly certain few of us would choose the world we occasionally find ourselves in. I am still "kicking and screaming" though I try so hard not to. I am thankful for the hard times as God wears away the "me" so "He" can shine.