Friday, March 18, 2011

A Change in Plans

It seemed like my children were all in cahoots with each other.  While everyone was growing up, it seemed that if I had a special day planned, I could say to myself "someone is going to come home sick today". 

We only have one car here, so if I want to go somewhere I drive Alan into work.  I don't drive him in often.  Yesterday I drove him in with plans to get my hair cut.  The weather was beautiful and I was going to go do some shopping and maybe eat out. 

I got a phone call around 10 am from Davin's teacher saying that Davin had cried and was running a slight temp.  He had a rough night the night before, so I made the decision to go and get him.  I believe this is one of the hardest things about having a child who is non-verbal.  Deciding if they are not feeling well is difficult to do in the mornings.  I wake Davin up from a sound sleep (especially since daylight savings) and have one hour to determine how he is feeling.  During that hour, our schedule is planned down to the minute.  He gets dressed at a certain time, fed at a certain time and gets his coat on at a certain time.  Not much time for evaluating his health, especially if it is a minor kind of thing. 

God is so good in it all, of course, as always!  I do not usually have the car and would have had to call Alan and have him come and get Davin with me.  I am not usually dressed that early.  I work out in the morning and do my housework before getting ready for the day.  Since I was heading out, I had gotten ready (even my hair:-) much earlier than normal.  I was basically ready to walk out the door to go get my boy. 

I so wish I had a picture of him when I went to pick him up.  I walked into the nurse's office and he is laying on one of the beds with the lights low and there is a sweet aide holding his hand.  He did not get excited as he usually does when he sees me, but his eyes just said, "oh, she came to get me".  I loved that little look. 

Davin was able to come home, sleep it off and is feeling good as new today!  He even has the day off of school today and the weather looks beautiful!! 

I was kind of thankful that I had this to write about today so I didn't have to write about the small fit I threw yesterday.  (Yes, again.)  I won't go into detail, but wheat was involved;-)


Kelli said...

glad he is feeling better.

Martha said...

I hope your fit didn't involve a roll. :)

I'm glad Davin is feeling better too. Have a beautiful weekend!

Heather said...

Martha, I would rather not say;-)

Mark Dudley said...

Davin- NICE BLANKET!!!-Love, Mrs. Dudley

mommytoalot said...

Happy to hear he is feeling better.
My little guy has a bug .....i think it never ends with little ones.
cute pic of Davin

Mo said...

Oh Friend... He does work out all of our details, doesn't He? Even when we don't see those details. I am constantly amazed by this, even though I know I shouldn't be! I miss you, friend!