Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apparently Five Days Is All It Takes

I went away for five days back in January.  My sister and I were going on a scrapbook retreat and I had to travel to get there.  I left Davin in the very capable hands of his Dad.  When I got back, Davin nearly jumped out of my arms to get back to Alan.  Really?  How many times has Alan gone away?  I could not even count. 

Over the years, I had been Davin's primary "feeder", and Alan fed Davin dinner.  7 years ago, that all changed and I became Davin's only "feeder".  I have fed him nearly every meal in the last 7 years, although school does do lunch when he is there. 

While I was away for those five days, Alan started putting water into Davin's ensure when it got near to the bottom of the cup.  When I got home and started feeding Davin, Alan let me know that he had started doing this for Davin.  (So??  I have been feeding him for the last 18 years!  I don't really need pointers, but thanks:-)   Don't you know that Davin has insisted on having water put into his cup when his drink gets to be almost gone ever since I left for those 5 short days??  This morning, I forgot and did not have water on the table while I was feeding him.  He simply refuses to drink and directs me to get the water.  He can not possibly drink it any other way anymore!! 

How can you be so bossy and yet be non-verbal at the same time?  Davin could teach a class on it.  I am sure of it!


Kelli said...

those people that evaluated him need to read this. So bossy and non verbal. Kids, they can pull ever shot when needed.

Heather said...

Kelli, you are right! Although, I really do believe that the psychologist that evaluated Davin really understands that he knows way more. I think she just had to go with what could be measured on paper:-(