Thursday, March 10, 2011

College Spring Break

This week has been much different than we expected.  Cheney's spring break was this week and we had planned to go away on a skiing vacation.  I had let Davin's school know that he would not be there this week.  After thinking things through a bit more, we realized that now was an excellent time for Cheney to look for a summer job and he also did not seem real keen on a busy week, but rather needed some down time to rest and get ready for the last two months of school.  So, we changed plans. 

The week has been spent mostly here at home with just the four of us (although I did make Davin go to school;-).  I have cooked and baked and I always enjoy doing that for our kids.  Cheney has gone on one interview and has two more today.  I spent one day driving Cheney around as he filled out applications and asked about summer employment.  He took me out to lunch:-) 

Davin has spent lots and lots of time just looking at his brother.  It is just the cutest thing.  All week Cheney has begged for me to let Davin stay home, so tomorrow Davin will skip school and stay home and look at his brother all day;-)  We may go bowling which is a favorite activity for both of my boys. 

Good week:-)


Betsy said...

It's been Taylor's spring break, too!

Soooo cute about Davin staring at Cheney! Hope the bowling trip was fun! And hope Cheney finds a good summer job!

Mo said...

sounds like a perfect week to me, friend! :)

mommytoalot said...

Awww so sweet.
My oldest son is also in university his break was a few weeks ago and this week is our i have 7 home. I wish you son good luck with looking for a summer job.

Tina said...

I think perfect attendance awards should be abolished

I'm glad you let Davin skip ;)