Thursday, March 17, 2011

Possibly an Overlooked Love Language

I have never read the book about the different love languages, but I am pretty sure they did not include my husband's.  It's ironing.  Yup.  You read it right.  My husband's love language is ironing.  When I iron his clothes for him, it just somehow screams to him "I love you Alan".  It just touches him.  Not sure why, but I have known it for a long time now. 

It might not seem so strange to you, except that I am a TERRIBLE ironer.  I am not exaggerating or just being humble.  Most of the items that I iron, look very similar to how they looked before I ironed them.  With my kids it is a big joke how badly I iron.  But, to Alan it means that I love him.  So, I iron for him (I have not always, but presently have the ironing program up and running:-).  And, he wears what I ironed.  Wrinkled and creased in wrong places.  Alan is a great ironer.  When he is away on business, he irons his own clothes and he is fine doing that.  However, when he is home, it just means a lot to him that I iron them.  I guess as long as he is happy to wear his wrinkled/ironed clothes, I will be happy to iron them for him:-)


Martha said...

This made me smile, and I have read the book.

Mister D said...

you are a lovely couple x