Monday, March 21, 2011

My Loubie

My oldest daughter, Ashleigh, is getting ready to begin a new journey.  For the last few years, Ashleigh has worked very hard getting into fantastic shape and eating healthy.  She has encouraged others around her to do the same.  It is contagious. 

In a few months, Ashleigh will head back to school.  Although Ashleigh attended college for several years, she just never quite got the passion.  She wasn't quite sure what she really wanted to do and now she knows.  Ashleigh is going back to school to become a personal trainer.  I am so excited for her!!  (and for me since she helps me every day with my new routine:-) 

I was just talking with her today about her plans and how everything is going to work out and I know it will be a sacrifice, but I also know she has found her niche!!  I am so proud of this girl.  Not because she is going back to school, but for the young woman she has become. 


Melanie L said...

I bet Jessica Martin would be a good help in preparing for that career - Jess does that as a part-time job.

Heather said...

Melanie, she is going to a school to get certified. She has been working with a personal trainer for quite a long time, too. It is very exciting because she is so passionate about it.

Martha said...

I still see her and Bethany (my Bethany) running around that AWANA circle with their ankles lashed together!

Somehow I think this job will be perfect for her. :)

Heather said...

Me, too, Martha! Those were good days and I know both of our girls remember those days with so much fondness! I think it is going to be so perfect for her, too. I am so excited for her.

Bethany said...

Get out! It is so cool that she has found something that she loves to do. Go Ashleigh!