Thursday, May 31, 2012


So much on my mind lately.  Being a Mom to adult children has not been an easy transition for me.  I have always said I was a good mother of young children.  I am still figuring out so many things.  Lots of deep thinking going on in my head. 

Had a discouraging conversation with our case worker yesterday.  She said that we need to wait to proceed with the adoption until after we have moved.  NJ says that we will have to start all over again with the home study process.  So discouraged.  We are calling some other agencies (private ones) and seeking some advice and hope that we can be matched with our kids in the very near future.  Not sure what God has planned.  We feel so ready.  We know there is a need. 

Besides all of that serious stuff going on in my head, I really consider chocolate covered raisins to be a healthy snack.  Don't you? 


Martha said...

Most definitely!

Melanie L said...

I think that if the chocolate surrounds fruit, it should be counted as a fruit serving.

Heather said...

Thank you both! That is what I think, but my trainer does not agree with me;-)

Brenda said...

would that be Ashleigh Diane? Heather will be praying that the Lord opens the doors to the family He has waiting for you.