Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I don't know if I have any right to be so proud of her, but I am.  She is not technically my daughter yet, but in so many ways she already is.  Cheney's fiancee Renee graduated from Wheaton College on Sunday with her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with certification in ACS BioChem.  Are you impressed?  I am!  She is not only super smart, but she is a sweet, sweet girl with a heart for Jesus.

Next up for Renee, Pharmacy School and then marriage!!! 

We are so proud of you Renee and are so thrilled that you are part of our family!

Are they not just the cutest?  And, do you notice the bling on her finger?  ;-)


A.J. said...

Very sweet! :) I enjoyed our time today, thanks for meeting up with me.


Bethany said...

That is some nice bling! And yes, you can be proud!

Martha said...


Thanks for taking us along on your journey.